Reflective clothes

The workplace is where a lot of people interact. What ones wear tells more about him. That’s why many people strive to be mindful of the appearance of the dress they wear at the workplace. This article seeks to explore more about high visibility clothes as regards to their type in workplace, their benefits and


High visibility clothes is of the following types

i. Black bottom safety shirts. They are usually made in yellow and orange lime.This helps to hide dirt and grime and at the same time remain safe and visible

ii. Economy jackets. These works a great deal in expense reduction as they are relatively cheap. Also available in orange and yellow limes and help keep one warm and guard against diseases during cold seasons

iii. Reflective safety pants. They come in form of waterproof, shin reflectors and gaiters. Usually keeps one visible even in bad weather

Reasons for these clothes

i. Acts as compliance to requirement. It’s a statutory requirement that employs of an organization most so those in manufacturing firms should wear reflective gears for easy identification.

ii. Enhances teamwork. Each and every employee wearing conspicuous and safety clothes feel part of a team of that company.This is so because the clothes are offering some kind of uniformity thereby enhancing individual morale.

iii. Safety measure because these kinds of clothes make one easily identified even during an emergency and dangerous situations.

Tips for making safety vest in workplace

i. Variation. Safety vests vary both in application and size. There those used in class 1 environment such as the non ANSI that’s the America National standard institute e.g. Those used by parking lot attendant. Those approved by ANSI are used in higher traffic.

Reflective safety vest has more importance in business set up today.